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Steve Reeves V-taper

Steve Reeves V-taper

First: What’s a V-taper? Take a look at the picture of Steve Reeves.

I’ve added some lines to help demonstrate. The V-taper is the visual effect created by having broad shoulders tapering down to a tiny waist.

Everybody wants a more pronounced V-taper. But there are two old school exercises — that almost nobody does anymore — which can help you attain the look.

To get a dramatic V-taper, you need to enlarge your upper body (namely, shoulders, chest and rib-cage) and shrink your waist.

I’m going to show you two exercises. The first can be used to enlarge your upper body region. The second can be used to shrink your waist.

Forgotten Exercise #1: The Dumbbell Pullover

Dumbbell Pullover

Dumbbell Pullover

The bodybuilders of yesteryear believed this exercise would actually stretch the cartilage in your rib cage giving you a bigger rib cage and a bigger chest and back as a result.

To perform this exercise, grab and dumbbell and lay horizontally across a bench so your upper back is on top of the bench. Drop your hips as low as you can — this will initiate the stretch. Then slowly lower the dumbbell over your head as low as you can to really work the stretch to the max.

The key to this exercise is to remember to keep the reps high and really feel the S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Go for 3 sets of 25. You can do these in between sets of other exercises while you’re catching your breath.

Forgotten Exercise #2: The Vacuum

With the dumbbell pullover working to widen the top of your “v”, we’ll use the vacuum to shrink your waist or the bottom of your “v.”

2 Ancient Exercises For A Sweeping V-Taper

2 Ancient Exercises For A Sweeping V-Taper

This exercise is simple and can be done anywhere. Take a deep breath and then exhale completely. Keep exhaling, expelling all the air from your belly. Then suck in your belly as far as you can and hold it for 10 seconds.

Recommendations: Do 10 sets of 10 second holds daily. Then progress to 5 sets of 20 second holds after a few weeks.

Give these two exercises a shot and give yourself a more dramatic V-taper. Want 7 more unconventional tips that can help you add muscle and shed fat?

P.S. Almost forgot. The classic bodybuilders (like Reeves) had much better V-tapers than today’s modern bodybuilders. Part of the reason is because modern bodybuilders today use high doses of illegal steroids like HGH and those drugs can cause the tissue in the gut to enlarge, ruining the lines of the V-taper.

2 Ancient Exercises For A Sweeping V-Taper


Steroids can enlarge your gut.

That’s why I’m so fired about discovering and sharing the old-school techniques for building muscle and shedding fat. Because these ancient secrets actually work for drug-free, genetically-average guys (and girls.)

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