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When I was a kid, I got sick all the time. In high school, I was good for about 4-5 full-blown fevers or flu’s every year.

And each bout lasted a week to 10 days. As I got older (and got better about my eating and training habits) I got sick only 1 or 2 times per year. But still, each time I got sick I was down for 7-10 days.

But recently, I went 498 days without getting sick.

In this post, I’ll reveal the strategies I use to avoid getting sick (even while those around me are dropping like flies) and why I finally got sick when I foolishly ignored these proven principles.

Key #1: Avoid Sugar

Avoid Sugar

Avoid Sugar

I think this is the key to avoiding illness and staying healthy. Sugar can suppress your immune system and alter the balance of minerals.

By making a conscious effort to avoid sugar (mainly by avoiding junk food and opting for healthier snacks), I was able to stave off illness for nearly a year and a half.

Key #2: Sleep



Another key to staying healthy is getting enough sleep. Now, I’m a realist. I know that almost no one is able to get the recommended 8 hours per night anymore. Myself included. Most days I’m lucky to get 6.
But as long as you don’t have too many consecutive nights where you’re only getting a couple hours of shut-eye, I think the body can adapt and stay healthy until you get caught up.

So while I still have the occasional sleepless night, I try not to let it get out of hand and turn into a solid week of poor sleep.

Key #3: Fasting



This is my secret weapon to staying healthy. I’ve found that by simply taking one day off from eating every once in a while, I can quickly restore my bodies recuperative abilities and maintain optimal health.

Digestion takes a lot of energy, so every once in a while I give my body a break from digestion and let my body use the energy to make repairs and restore health.

Key #4: Supplementation

vitamin supplements

vitamin supplements

The final key to staying health for long stretches is proper supplementation. It’s easy to get caught up in the medical studies and research papers that claim you don’t need extra vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal health.

But it’s all B.S.

For example, researches have done studies showing that taking large amounts of vitamin C does NOT prevent colds.

But here’s the thing you must remember:

Researches perform these studies on regular people. Regular people who sit at desks all day and consider taking a 20 minute walk twice a week as “exercise.”

Compare that with a hard-training individual. A guy who considers walking just a way to get from point A to point B and considers exercise squatting 350lbs for 5 sets of 5.
This guy can definitely use a few extra vitamins and minerals.

So when I got serious about my supplementation, I went for 498 days (my longest ever) without getting sick. It may just be a coincidence but I doubt it.

What do I mean when I say I got serious about my supplementation? Well, for starters I made sure I took my vitamins every day. Not just when I felt like it but every day at breakfast and again before bed.

What do I take?

Vitamin C
Fish Oil
Liver Tablets

Why I Finally Got Sick

A few days ago, my streak ended and I finally got sick. And looking back, it’s easy to see why:

I went back home to Michigan for the weekend. I was on an airplane with 400 other people. I ate tons of food and plenty of sweets. Plus I consumed my fair share of beers. I didn’t get much sleep and I didn’t take any vitamins at all over the weekend. And wouldn’t you know it — I ended up getting the flu and a 102 degree fever.

But here’s the incredible part: Even though I got really sick, once I resumed my regular strategies I got better fast. I was back to work in 48 hours. Which is incredible because usually I’m sick for over a week.

So, if you’re struggling to stay healthy pay close attention to the 4 keys I mentioned and see if you can’t put together your own “health streak.”

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