“Get fit, get healthy!” These terms are becoming famous nowadays as more and more people are engaging in activities to be fit and healthy.

They try different activities, workouts, and machines to lose those extra weights and body fats. Included in their change of lifestyle is to look for a machine that will target all those body parts with stubborn fats.

No need to look further, as climber machine will introduce you to a new workout that seems like a common household part, but does its function to keep your body fit.

New Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

New Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

Personalized workout

If you are looking for a workout that feels so natural, then this machine is for you. A climber machine is like climbing your stairs at home for a number of times.

And the best part is, this machine is designed to suit your needs. It has control buttons that will let you start from the easiest (especially for beginners) to the hardest routine that you can handle.

No need to try and do workouts that does not fit your strength as you can always adjust it to what you prefer.

It is designed for all walks of life. This means that even a recovering patient (for injured), for people who wants to lose weight, or an exercise program for pregnant women. It provides a low impact exercise that prevents any injury to the joints.

Holistic effect – Not just muscular strength

This machine builds up the lower body muscles, with secondary effects to the upper body. It also affects the inner body systems, including the secretion of hormones.

First stop, the muscles. A climber machine provides isometrics to the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, calves, and the quadriceps enabling sculpting and leaning of the muscles.

Through the movement of the lower extremities, the upper extremities provide the necessary movement for equilibrium. The sway motion of the body gives additional burn for the abdominal, chest and back muscles.

Through rhythmic breathing during the workout, an acid-base balance is initiated. And the best thing is that the oxygen supply to the different parts of the body increases.

Secretion of necessary hormones in reaction to the workout, most especially for the metabolism is activated. The use of energy from the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) increases to support the working muscles, and using fats in the process.

Cardiovascular health

“A test for the heart’s health is the ability to climb 2 flights of stairs daily,” are prescribed by doctors to patients recovering from a heart injury.

And this should be increased accordingly. 20 flights of stairs are recommended to other people for a good workout. Both represent how climber machine can prove and promote a strong and healthy heart.

It conditions the heart on oxygen intake (ventilation), resting and contracting motion (heart rate), and heart muscle strength (endurance). This conditioning improves the overall ability to endure prolonged activities.

Your persistence to tackle the different settings (training) and to improve the workout offers a mental challenge.

The more you pursue it, the more disciplined you become. The climber machine also affects the coordination of your mind to your body and reciprocating to the limbs. Therefore, it elicits the change in your body.

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