An elderly person is encouraged to exercise to maintain their total health and fitness. Their health plan should be a mixture of rest, activity, and of course nutritious foods that meets their dietary needs.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, any elder with ages 65 years old and above should be able to accumulate an activity that lasts for 150 minutes.

Maxi Climber Exercise Plan for Elders

Maxi Climber Exercise Plan for Elders

Therefore, activities for its maximum effect should be distributed equally throughout the week.

Don’t worry;

These 150 minutes in a week routine can be broken into minutes – for example 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the afternoon. Here are some things you can do with your Maxi climber:

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber


  • 15 minutes paced climbing in the morning. This should be in a slow-paced motion in order to test your ability, followed by rest.
  • 15 minutes paced climbing in the afternoon. This is still a slow-paced motion of climbing.
  • The slow-paced motion should imitate a walking activity for the elders. This will help with the strength, balance and flexibility of the muscles and the bone. Again, it should be reiterated to the elder that, during the first day, they could go as slow as they can, just like when they are walking.


  • This follows the Monday minutes; however, if you can do a faster motion than the first day then it would be great. This will further enhance their balance and flexibility.


  • The increase in the minutes and activity is done on the third day. Therefore a 30-minute workout using the Maxi climber is suggested.
  • Since the body of you has been warmed-up during the first two days of broken minutes, by this time you can now try to finish the 30 minutes in one sitting. Again, your strength, balance and flexibility are tested.


  • Rest day. Your body need rest, and to help with their health – faster healing of the muscles and the bones, nutritional support comes into play.


  • Get ready for the next round of 30 minutes workout using your Maxi climber. However, if you feels like your muscles are sore from the workout on Wednesday;
  • Well you could actually break the time again in 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon.


  • Your last activity for the week should be a full 30-minute workout with the Maxi climber. This should already be in a normal pace or should be faster than the walking pace (Monday routine).
  • You should be able to show some of the strength, balance and flexibility that were built during the week of exercise.
  • Sunday:
    A well deserved rest for your body. Here you could pamper yourself by going for a massage, spa, or a stroll in your favorite place.
  • But, you must have a good sleep, so that you will have the energy to start the next week of using his Maxi climber.

Maxi climber offers a total body workout for the elders, and the speed is actually controlled by the user. So, the elder is not forced to exert the effort that he cannot do.

So you will know what pace actually works for you. This is a good workout for the elderly who needs to lose weight, especially if a doctor recommends that you lose weight. And remember, 30 minutes on the maxi-climber can burn up to 250 calories (still depending on your speed).

If you think only the young adults have the power to do some diet regimen, then you are wrong! Elders should also have a diet regimen to keep their bodies healthy and fit. To make your “losing weight” routine more effective, it should be partnered with a good meal plan.

Things to put in mind:

  • It should not be compromised – it should contain all the necessary nutrients you need, and should also answer to their health condition.
  • It should not be costly – it should be found in your local supermarket and does not entail you to buy “special” foods.
  • It doesn’t promise rapid weight loss.
  • It should be individualized – an elderly who is 150 lbs, is not the same with an elderly who is 250 lbs. Most especially on the amount of lbs, you need to lose. Therefore, before you perform any diet plans out in the market; try consulting your doctor first.

Here is a suggestion that you can follow:

For breakfast:Grains, dairy and fruit.

  • You could start with a cup of grain cereals partnered with skim milk. Or if you are not into cereals, then whole wheat bread is an option, and instead of milk, try cheese or non-fat butter for your dairy. Add a piece of fruit to complete your meal.
  • In case that you feel hungry 2 hours after breakfast, don’t munch on bread or another bowl of cereal. Instead, 1 cup of your favorite fruit will do.

For lunch:Fruits, vegetables and lots of fiber.

  • There are many options for lunch, but it is recommended that you increase your fiber intake during this time.
  • Fiber is not only good for your heart, it also keeps you feeling full, and so you won’t need an extra bite or two with some snacks.
  • You could have some salads with vegetables and a few slices of white meat (turkey as the first choice).
  • You could have some pasta in many ways, such as noodle broth partnered with some meat (beef, pork, or chicken) and greens (for example, broccoli). And your favorite fruit juice together with your meal.
  • Remember, it is not advisable that you have an afternoon snack. However, if you feel you need that extra snack in the afternoon, try having light ones. Examples are celery sticks, low or non-fat yoghurt, non-fat or low-sugar cookies, and/or dried fruits.

For dinner:Go light.

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